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BioScience WebRing - This webring features websites that contain biological information or resources for biologists, zoologists, or botanists

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BioScience WebRing

Manager: karst
The BioScience WebRing is intended to allow those with an interest in biological sciences to locate sites of interest more easily on the WWW. Any site that contains biological information or resources for biologists is welcome to join. We are now one of the largest science-based rings around, reflecting the popularity and importance of the WWW for biological science.

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Wife Of Man Who Released Wild Animals Wins Custody On October 18th of 2011, in Zanesville, Ohio, Terry Thompson deliberately released 56 of his exotic animals from his compound into the community – including lions, tigers, and bears – before he committed suicide. 48 of the escaped animals had to be shot by local authorities while two were eaten by the bigger animals. However, six animals were not killed and were taken to the Columbus Zoo. Almost immediately, Thompson’s widow hired a lawyer to get her animals back and has now won legal control of the survivors and will take them back to the very same hellish compound from which they came. For the Frog Blog's detailed coverage of this horrific tragedy in October, Click here . ~ Zanesville residents apprehensive about the return of wild animals. It's clear the widow, Marian Thompson, is a hardheaded wingnut who should not get the animals back. But there are much darker and sadder reasons why the surviving exotic animals should stay at the Columbus Zoo. One important issue is that the wild animals on Thompson's farm were often not securely housed and were prone to escaping, posing a severe threat to the local residents of Zanesville and Muskingum County as a whole. In fact, Terry Thompson was cited nine times for letting animals run loose on his farm and his compound was visited by police 30 times since 2004. In 2005, he was convicted of animal cruelty. ~ Terry Thompson was a troubled, negligent man. The conditions his ani...


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