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Conservatives Against Media Bias & Network Propaganda WebRing - Welcome to Conservatives Against Media Bias & Network Propaganda. This is a ring for politically conservative and libert

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Welcome to Conservatives Against Biased Media And Network Propaganda Web Ring. This is a ring for politically conservative and libertarian websites that want to take on the lying, leftwing press that has betrayed the first amendment.

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People in Shipping Containers - 01/08/2013

Why Is Amsterdam Planning to House People in Shipping Containers? by  Kristina Chew Care2 January 7, 2013 1:00 pm Amsterdam’s liberal municipal government has created what appears to be a  most illiberal plan for dealing with  individuals with “antisocial behavior,” with those who have  harassed and bullied immigrants, gays and others . Under a new £810,000 scheme proposed by mayor Eberhard van der Laan, they will be housed in  converted shipping containers  located around the city, in heavily policed areas. But is the best way to fight intolerance by showing no tolerance towards the “enemies of tolerance?” the German newspaper  Der Tagesspiegel  asks. In the  Guardian , Bartho Boer, a spokesman for the mayor, emphasizes that the new “villages” are not for “the regular nuisance between two neighbors where one has the stereo too loud on Saturday night” but rather for those “people who are extremely violent and intimidating and in a clear situation where a victim is being repeatedly harassed.” Those who are “deemed guilty of causing ‘extreme havoc’ will be evicted and placed in temporary homes of a ‘basic’ nature,” including the...

People in Shipping Containers

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