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WheelofTime.org WebRing - Welcome to the Wheel of Time Webring. This is a Webring for people who absolutely LOVE fantasy. Such great works as The

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Welcome to the Wheel of Time Webring. This is a Webring for people who absolutely LOVE fantasy. Such great works as The Wheel of Time, Sword of Truth, Lord of The Rings, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, AD&D, A Game of Thrones, and all fantasy fiction. If your site is at all fantasy realated (movies, books, games etc), come join us.

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Be empowered, inspired, and motivated by miracle survivor Dr. Shirley Cheng, a blind and physically disabled award-winning author with 27 book awards, Bible teacher, founder of www.Ultra-Ability.com Ministry, motivational speaker, poet, and author/contributor/editor of 35 books by age 27.
   Matt's Domain Preview Go
This page is primarily Wheel of Time related though I do speak of other things.
   Beyond Edoras: The works of Bernard Hill Preview Go
This website is dedicated to Bernard Hill covering the vast movies and TV productions from various periods of his career. There is an extended photo section from various movies & tv shows, Biography and filmography. The website is still under construction and I will try to update it as often as possible.

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The Epi (pronounced eh-pee) Epic is three trilogies of science fiction/fantasy novels with a “Lord of the Rings” flavor. The people of a world called Epi rise out of the ashes of anarchy and rebuild their once advanced civilizations. But during the rebuilding, they discover that other hands are at work, guided by unseen purposes, both benevolent and sinister.
   Solace RPG on the WWW Preview Go
Solace is an on-line RPG based on the world of Dragonlance©. The Solace campaign was established in 1994, and moved to the web in 1998. We're always looking for new players to join our game world, which is played on-line at the Delphi Forums. We are a community of writers who play on a message board environment, scribing the tales of our new heroes and villains.

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