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Peace, Love, Hope - The purpose for this ring is to link homepages containing an approach to life with a common message expressing that the

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Peace, Love, Hope

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Home > Government & Politics > Issues and Causes > Peace and Nonviolence
Manager: opossumsal1

The purpose for this ring is to link homepages containing an approach to life with a common message expressing that the differences between us need not be viewed harshly, as much can be done to live at peace.

Members of this ring believe strongly in the existence of an innate goodness in others and take responsibility to set moral and ethical standards in their relationships while protecting the rights of others to differ.



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Oneness Community: online help, in the real world, with spiritual problems, music, web design, and anything in life that people need help with; freely given 24/7.
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We want everyone, everywhere, to take a moment to think about peace at 13:00 HRS GMT; each and every January 1st. We hope that this will give a small glimpse of the true emotion generated by feeling of peace and well-being.
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All about the Universal Life Church and my ULC ordination.

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All about Melchizedek and the Order of Melchizedek, my Melchizedek ordination, and Melchizedek in the Bible; Psalm 110:4.
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It was my honor to have Princess Diana speak to me, after her death. I am a channel/medium for the world of spirit and my time with Diana was the most profound of my career, thus far. Riveting and revealing, the words of Diana (as given in my e-book) The Princess and the Peon, an uncommon conversation with the late Princess Diana, offers great wisdom to our world.
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Extensive site with info about dreams, dream interpretations, nightmares, sleep disorders, helping children with their nightmares, lucid dreams, and monthly contests to win free dream interpretations!
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Letters and more, that I have received through inspirational writing from loved ones in the afterlife.
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A beautiful, fun, and informative vision of astrology. Uplifting sign profiles, zodiac sign language for lovers, tour of the planets, monthly newsletter with future forecast for love, moon sign and planetary aspect calendars, healing, positive chart readings and consultations by Danielle, illustrated or e-mail tarot and psychic readings, books, decks, tarot series, articles, humor, forums ...
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Rev. Jonathan Lobl's healing ministry; Spiritual healing, Pantheism, Reiki, therapeutic touch, Melchizedek (Order of), and the Universal Life Church.
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A pro-life website with writings, information, photos, quotes, and more; on the joy of being a mother. Includes pregancy information, pro-life information, and the story of my daughter's birth. Created by a young stay-at-home mom.

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