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Were Artist's Guild - This webring is to feature those of us that call ourselves Were Artists. If you draw, write, or compose music for or abo

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Were Artist's Guild

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This webring is to feature those of us that call ourselves "Were Artists". If you draw, write, or compose music for or about animals, Werecreatures, mythical creatures, and anthropomorphic animals in general, this is the ring for you.

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   Vandeleur's Loch Ness Animal Art Preview Go
Come and meet Kelster the Kur. Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. Then view the rest of the gallery of renowned canine artist Vandeleur Leigh.
   Silver's Den Preview Go
Full of art, wolf stuff, and other cool stuff.
   whitewolf666's Territory Preview Go
A site full of artwork and pictures.

   Draggor's Den Preview Go
My site is mainly devoted to my original midi compositions, however I do have several anthro/furry sketches, and some stories involving such characters.
   Wolf's Lair Preview Go
Autobiographical account of my first few months discovering my inner wolf, including accounts of my fist mental shifts as they happened. intended to assist newer weres in understanding the self-discovery process by finding out what it was like for one were.
   DarkSilver's Den Preview Go
DarkSilver's home on the web. Featuring a variety of furry artwork galleries. Information on commissions, prints, and much more. Legends of the Dracat coming soon..
   Webrings Of Lost Realms Preview Go
To make things easier for anyone interested in joining any of our other webrings here is a complete list. You'll find rings for several themes including Horror, Halloween, Vampire, Gothic, Paranormal, Fantasy, Wicca etc. Take a look - you might find just what you want.
   Wildcat Creations Preview Go
From tigers and anthros to miniatures and comic strips, there's quite a selection of medias to view at "Wildcat Creations". All presented to you by the Anthromorph known as Tigrr Wildcat.

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