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Web-A-Holics - For people obsessed with the internet, and showing that on their website.

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Manager: tattooed_ogre
For people obsessed with the internet, and showing that on their website.

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   Subtext - Dr. Mark A. Foster's Autistic Self-Advocacy Preview Go
This site focuses on the autistic activist and self-advocacy work of Dr. Mark A. Foster as an autistic and a college sociology professor.
   Bernarr Macfadden - Father of Physical Culture Preview Go
A photo history of Bernarr Macfadden, bodybuilder, nutritionist, health guru, founder of physcultopathy, and publisher.
   Amazing Women, Inspirations and Bella Italia Preview Go
Inspirtions and Motivations and Bella Italia per tutti. My webrings and Amazing Women site for amazing women, their families, children, life and love.

   Profile for User 'andrea' Preview Go
This is my primary ID, managing a variety of Rings on various topics, including sports, genealogy, and children, plus general interest WebRings.
   And I Don't Care WHO Knows it! Preview Go
Recently adopted ring. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform." - Mark Twain. Upset about something? Webmaster with a cause? Ranting blogger? Irritated fem? Annoyed GBLT? If you have strongly held opinions on virtually any subject, join us and let EVERYONE hear from you! Please leave out the profanity and keep it appropriate fo
   Posterous Watch Preview Go
Because it's not like they're going to watch themselves. Not just about Posterous, any more, because Posterous is gone. And so writing about its latest actions would be pointless. Talking about the good and bad aspects of the social networking experience, in a place where the company staff does not have editorial control.
   Mrs Wild Thangs Site Preview Go
A little bit of everything!
   Career Wall Preview Go
A place for me to post information about the backroom activities of the corporate executives and their minions. I tend to question their motives and their desired results pertaining to their actions. If incompetence were a commodity, corporate executives would have the market cornered on it.
   the jebsite Preview Go
personal website of jebodiah ishmael foppe, an inbred, beer drinkin' dope smokin' sociopath who is scared of the sun and listens to what invisible dogs tell him.
   Farahd's really awful art. Preview Go
Fine Indian Curry Painting.

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