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Vampyres' Empire - Quite simply, a Vampyre ring!

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Vampyres' Empire

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Quite simply, a Vampyre ring!

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   Nyte Tyme Preview Go
Make sure you’re home before sunrise! Check out our - Amazing Watches For Amazing Times.
   World of Darkness Warfare Preview Go
This page houses information having to do with the combat aspect of the White Wolf/World of Darkness RPG game structure. Players can look up firearms and melee charts, plus various combat moves and even special powers that are evident in that particular creature.
   Castle X Preview Go
The Home of Clan X and Lord Vampire X, with a Hall of Knowledge to learn of the Vampyre, both real and V:tM, as well as a gallery of Vampiric art and many other resources and intresting site developments... Come on in, if you DARE

   Logan's Vampire Forest Preview Go
My site is one to provide vampire goodies, such as pics, links to other vampire sites, and music.
   Angellncs Lair Preview Go
A place where you can find out all about me, the Court Flirt.*G*
   Sara Willson Preview Go
OOC: This page is for my character, Sara Willson. It tells a little about herself and her interests with the vampire court.
   Lasombra Antitribue Web Page Preview Go
For the people of the chat house that want to know about the Lasombra Antitribue, what you learn here is OOC.
   Ashla Tenshi's Lair Preview Go
This lair exists to enhance your journey in discovering more about the Kindred. Links regarding both Rl and online roleplaying are also included
   Contessa's Private Chambers Preview Go
The private chambers of Contessa Alexis Isabella Narciano Dread, Childer and protege` of Lord Blackthorin Dread. Try to enter if you think you are brave enough.
   Vampire The Masquarade Haven Preview Go
This is a page for people to post and read about different characters used in the Vampire Court, and in their own table top and live action games. Posted is the name of the character, a brief background history of the character (who they were before the embrace, how, when, and by whom they were embraced, and what they have become since the embrace) and the URL of a pic they want p

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