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Beauty and the Beast Tunnel - Welcome to the ring for fames of the hit television series from the 1980s - Beauty and the Beast. Check out the many sit

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Beauty and the Beast Tunnel

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Welcome to the ring for fames of the hit television series from the 1980s - Beauty and the Beast. Check out the many sites listed below for fan fic, art, and series synapses dedicated to the love that goes beneath the flesh. Join us in celebrating the romantic world that Assistant District Attorney Catherine and the beastly subterranean dweller Vincent  share.


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3rd Season Fanfic; general, humor, & episode tie-ins. Be sure to check out the rest of the Library for BeastMaster, Buffy, B5/Crusade, due South, Farscape, Highlander, Mortal Kombat, Poltergeist, Crow, Sentinel, Stargate SG1 and more. Submissions welcome!
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A collection of fanfic and pictures dedicated to the most wonderful TV show of all time; Beauty and the Beast
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Pictures, links, sound files, desktop themes, screensavers, wallpapers, icons....this site is full of Beauty and the Beast stuff!

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Clearing house of previously published and new fanfiction, sorted by season, rating, author, and title.
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"Classic" Beauty and the Beast novel - a continuation and reimagining of the resolution of something that happened "once upon a time in the city of New York"
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based on tv series. It is just getting started so not much is done yet but will contain pics, fan-fiction, episode reviews and much more.
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Fan page for the Beauty & the Beast series starring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman with song lyrics to The First Time I Loved Forever, links to other B&B related sites and fanfiction.
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A new message board dedicated to the T.V. show Beauty and the Beast!
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A mix of short stories and excerpts from novels by Rhonda Collins. Based on the third and "fourth" season of the TV series Beauty and the Beast.
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This site pays homage to the TV show Beauty and the Beast. Keep the dream alive. Read poetry from the show, make some tea and listen to clips from Beauty and the Beast: Of Love And Hope

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