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Triumph MotoRing! - A Webring created for all Triumph Motorcars enthusiasts on the Web. Triumph-powered (e.g. TVR) welcome as well! Is your

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Triumph MotoRing!

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Manager: ralittle2
A Webring created for all Triumph Motorcars enthusiasts on the Web. Triumph-powered (e.g. TVR) welcome as well! Is your Triumph on the Web? Then it should be on the WebRing created just for it! (Does not include Triumph Motorcycles!)

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This is the website of the Triumph 2000 Mk2 enthusiast who is lucky enough to own four 2000 Mk2 Saloons, two 2000 Mk2 Estates and now a 2.5Pi Estate. So I drive seven of the best British family Saloons and Estate cars built. Look around my site to find out how and why I run them. There are a very large number of links to Triumph Car Club sites also to suppliers of new and used Triumph parts. The facts and figures page lists paint names and codes, production numbers, parts reference numbers and all the brochure details. The deceased car pages have lists of 2000's and 2500's which I have been told about, that have gone to that big 'car park' in the sky so anyone missing an old friend and wondering if it is still on the road you may find the answer.
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