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TSU: TrekSmut University - Welcome to the TSU: TrekSmut University Web Ring! Sites on this ring will either (a) belong to TSU or ASCEM denizens or

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TSU: TrekSmut University

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Welcome to the TSU: TrekSmut University Web Ring! Sites on this ring will either (a) belong to TSU or ASCEM denizens or (b) host Treksmut of any kind. TSU was created by Jen Chapman, and is a living, changing entity on the ASCEM - and ASCEM(L) - mailing list. By Treksmut we mean Star Trek Fan Fiction, mostly romantic or containing adult relations, although some material is for general audiences.

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   The Scarlet Zone Preview Go
Slash stories about (mostly) TOS characters.
   AdmiralTAG's House of P/C Angst Preview Go
P/C angst at its highest pitch. H/C, fetishes, mild squickfic, and all (even the PWPs) with plot lines and characters who stay in character.
   Sky's Treasures Preview Go
Sky's Treasure is a celebration of Trek, Slash, and K/S. It includes the works of Virginia Sky and Helen. Poetry, fiction, and artwork for the adult reader with a few extras.

   Dingolord's Realm Preview Go
Home to the generally smutty and some not so smutty stories generated by Dingolord. (Or Sorlak as more people know me by.) Caution. Not all of my stories are TOS based.
   BlueMoon TrekSmut Sweatshop Preview Go
A site where the Muses rule and anything can happen. Adult Vulcan based fan fiction. Original charaters as well as the occasional appearances from our usual crew.
   Power Plays Fan Fiction with a Kinky Edge Preview Go
An Idiosyncratic Selection of BDSM-Themed Fanfic for the Discriminating and Twisted Reader: Buffy, Angel, Star Trek, Xena and Hercules
   The Q Fuh-Q Fest Preview Go
At last the Q get some and then some. Consider the possiblities! Ongoing fest, no deadlines and fewer rules; please see webpage for details.
   Nick's P/Q Slash Preview Go
Picard/Q slash fanfiction written by me, Nick. Drama! Intrigue! Romance! Well, okay, so that's all an excuse to get them into bed; it still counts. Predominately NC-17. Some kink, some romance, some angst.
   The Kirk Fuh-Q Fest Preview Go
A site and festival dedicated to slashing James T. Kirk with anyone and everyone possible (or impossible).
   Dysecdysis or The Last of ThiaZole Preview Go
Garak/Bashir hypertext story. ThiaZole's letter. A story about Terok Nor, and later, DS9's civilian business folk, including Garak, how they lived and how Garak and Bashir became lovers.

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