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Time Finder - Learn about your time zone and international time differences while determining the time anywhere in the world. The Inte

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Time Finder

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Learn about your time zone and international time differences while determining the time anywhere in the world. The International Time Finder is your best resource for setting your global clock and understanding international time differences


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Formally known as Hoist on some MUSHes, now I'm Hoistimus in my own mind. I've overhauled and updated my website and plan on adding more TF stuff soon. Right now I have a detailed checklist of TF Generation 1 toys

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My site hosts primarilly my numerous amount of fanfics, not to be self-righteous but I think they're awesome! I also have a links page to pretty much anywhere, I also plan on having several image archives.
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This is a web version of Nevatron. A planetoid built by one of the last of the last of Cybertron's planetary technicians. All are welcome here to relax and be repaired. Information files will be added as time goes.
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