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Depression WebRing - Depression is a medical condition:  a mental illness with emotional symptoms and repercussions.  (Mentally ill

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Depression WebRing

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Manager: genessa
Depression is a medical condition:  a mental illness with emotional symptoms and repercussions.  ("Mentally ill" is a scary phrase but it doesn't necessarily mean "crazy.")  Depression isn't just "feeling sad" or "being stubborn" about enjoying life.  It can be situational and/or chemical.  Generally depression is alleviated or cured by a combination of medication and therapy, although sometimes just therapy is enough; just medication is rarely enough.  You may find in this ring sites offering explanations or descriptions of depression, help or support for depression, thoughtful writings about the nature of depression, or personal stories about combatting depression.  Pictured:  "Old Man in Sorrow (On the Threshhold of Eternity)" by Vincent Van Gogh  (1853-1890),


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