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Spartanic - WebRing build up for the B-Boys all around the world...

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Manager: system2
WebRing build up for the B-Boys all around the world...

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   Thundercatz Breakin' Crew Preview Go
Yo, Dis is da Thundercatz web page. Come here and check out this crew outta Concord, NH. With picz, songz, crew membaz, art and linkz. Updated all the time.
   TK's Domainia Preview Go
A tight site with its main focus on breakdancing. I have a gallery, moves list, and message board on breaking and popping. Other parts of this site cover music, skating, import cars, and much more! Has a great section where bored people can come to chat and play fun games. I also have links to different sites. BREAKDANCING RULES
   Bboy Mazry Preview Go
Yo, I'm Bboy Mazry from Movin' Thru Space Crew. We're located in Davis, Ca. Check out this site, then link up to our crew site. Later.

   Bboy Kronic's Styles Preview Go
Bboy site with vids, move descriptions and support forums.
   Jive Monkees Homepage Preview Go
We are updating the moves section!! Right now we got normal mills, nutcrackers, headspins, and some of the walks. Soon we'll have Flares, 90's, coin drops, deadmans, merry go rounds, and much more.

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