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Star Fleet Armada - Star Fleet Armada: An association of authors writing original fiction based in the Trek universe. So if you're looking f

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Star Fleet Armada

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Star Fleet Armada: An association of authors writing original fiction based in the Trek universe. So if you're looking for the best reading material on the net, you like fan fiction, or you write fan fiction, check out the sites. Or even join!



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   Zmax Star Trek Con Reports, Stories, Jokes & Etc. Preview Go
Zmax Star Trek and Babylon 5 Convention Reports.
   Epiphany Trek Preview Go
Original character fan fiction in the Star Trek universe. All eras from before the Federation founding to the 2380s. True to the tradition of Star Trek story telling and drama.
   Star Trek SOVEREIGN Preview Go
Star Trek SOVEREIGN features the voyages of the USS SOVEREIGN and her crew

   ussAvenger Preview Go
The AVENGER PROJECT is a stimulating fiction site for enthusiastic Star Trekę fans who love to write their own Trek-based adventures. Avenger writers work as part of a dynamic writing team to create episodes which feature an established cast of characters.
   Project Nemesis Preview Go
Join the crew of the Nemesis. As they fight against time and destiny to prevent the Federation from crumbling into oblivion.
   USS Prometheus Preview Go
Read about the adventures of the USS Prometheus, an original ship and crew in the Star Trek universe
   The Talon Project Preview Go
Objectives: 1) Build a fleet of warships that will rival the best in the Romulan Warfleet. 2) Agility, speed, and diminutive size should be taken into great consideration. 3) Arm it to the teeth with the most lethal weapons ever produced in Romulan science. The result is the Talon Project. These are the stories of the Imperial Star Ship (ISS) Mi
   Starfleet Academy Preview Go
A site featuring a new series of Star trek books with descriptions of the characters, settings, ships, storylines, and other elements plus a description of the steps taken by the author to get his work published.
   Multifan - Where Multiple Fandoms Co-Exist In Harmony Preview Go
Star Trek, Star Trek DS9, The Yearling, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, The Monkees, Lost In Space, The Man From UNCLE, The Girl From UNCLE, original stories, novels, essays.

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