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A PICPAIN Sick and Tired Webring - A PICPAIN Sick and Tired Webring was created to bring together people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired due

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A PICPAIN Sick and Tired Webring

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"A PICPAIN Sick and Tired Webring" was created to bring together people who are "sick and tired" of being "sick and tired" due to living with PHYSICAL PAIN, and ILLNESS! Anyone with a Website or Page dedicated to ANY Disease or Pain, or even if you don't mention it, but suffer, should join! PICPAIN stand for: "People In Chronic Pain And Illnesses in Need". If you can relate to all this, you should be joining us in this Webring!


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   chronic pain support Preview Go
I have several pages some still under construction they have info on rsd, relaxation and biofeedback, spinal cord stimulators and mor
   Tammy's Place - Arthritis Links Preview Go
Information about Arthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Links to other Arthritis and (RA) sites. Anticipate the alternatives & Prepare for anything.
   Anita's Lil Corner Preview Go
Lyme Disease info. and resources, including my own horror story, and lots of lyme and medical humor! Also some graphic and JAVA links, and Pikachus for my lil guys!

   What the heck is COPD? Preview Go
COPD information, Cards you can send that will allow you to upload pictures to the card (like damaged lungs, etc.) or just have fun. Suggestions and search engines to do your searches.
   Stop the Pain and Start the Humanity Preview Go
i was a member of your ring with no. 72 with my old URL. i wish to rejoin with my new urls. i suffer from many chronic pain conditions and my poems and site reflect that with links, stories, poetry and trying to educate the public on the dilemmas chronic pain patients face on a daily basis. thank you. main page index.html

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