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Circle of Shifters - A place for shifters, vampires and other mystical creatures

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Circle of Shifters

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Manager: enchanted
A place for shifters, vampires and other mystical creatures


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   Wolf's Lair Preview Go
Autobiographical account of my first few months discovering my inner wolf, including accounts of my fist mental shifts as they happened. intended to assist newer weres in understanding the self-discovery process by finding out what it was like for one were.
   Draconcat Preview Go
A site to help draconcats and other darker natured otherkin, shifters and vampires. Information on shifting, balancing, pastlives familiars, totems, and a bit on wicca
   Zauberwald Preview Go
ZAUBERWALD is a German site for wolves and werewolves. The sites are mostly in German – but take a look and feel free to go in the “Club de la lune”. Some parts are in English and the next update will bring more for Anglo/Americans... This sites are dedicated to FENRIS, Godfath

   Grey Fur's Lair Preview Go
Though this newbie site is smallm it will soon be a big bustling site dedicated to Weres all over.
   The Wolf Within Preview Go
These are pages about real werecreatures. There is a links page to other were's pages. These might enlighten some. They tell the truth about who we really are.
   Strange Phenomena Preview Go
True stories very far from daily life. Extraordinary, often frightening, phenomena observed by the author or credible friends. Ghosts, Elves, Faeries, Ogres, Trolls, Werewolves, Sasquatch, strange abilities, Salem Witch Trials, Reaper close at hand, dire ski adventures, Gothic horror, murder, diabolical justice, how to shrink heads, flying saucers, unexplained physics.
   DarkSilver's Den Preview Go
DarkSilver's home on the web, artwork and so much more...well, you really just have to see it.

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