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Sailorsenshi RPG Webring - A webring dedicated to linking all of the Sailormoon Role Playing Games on the Internet, allowing people to nab that rol

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Sailorsenshi RPG Webring

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Manager: moonatic
A webring dedicated to linking all of the Sailormoon Role Playing Games on the Internet, allowing people to nab that role they wish for. ^^

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   Mythos Moon: The Mythical Senshi Preview Go
In another galaxy, on a world called Mythos, the Mythical Senshi battle against the minions of an anicent foe to prevent the Apocalypse.
   Sailor Moon Connection Preview Go
Sailor Moon Connection
   Sailor Moon Terrorist Attack RPG Preview Go
The Earth is on the brink of achieving peace. But one thing stands in the way. Terrorists have arisen and challenge Crystal Tokyo and the Senshi. However, the Terrorists have proven themselves to be to strong for the Senshi to defeat alone. Now they need the help of new allies...and you. Do you have what it takes to place your life on the line?

   Sailor Moon Mystrile Preview Go
Sailor Moon Mystrile: The New Adventure. Home of the Mystrile RPG based after the Stars season. Join the senshi in their fight for love, justice and all that is good.
   The Passing of the Crescent Moon Preview Go
Taking place while the senshi are in their last two years of highschool (albeit the outers have graduated), their latest threat comes from the past--waaaay past, from the Silver Millenium.
   Heart of the Elements RPG Preview Go
Galaxia's spawn has come from another galaxy to take revenge upon those who almost annhilated Chaos. However, not only do the senshi stand in her way...but their children and guardians as well. It will be an uphill fight for both sides. Who will you join?
   Magic in the Moonlight Preview Go
This site is/was made in honor of Anza and her talent. I have uploaded the pages for Snapshots, Sts, Links/LA and the Fanza Club page. I hope you enjoy my site and e-mail me with suggestions!
   The Prophesy a Sailor Moon RPG Preview Go
The planetary senshi are gone; the world is in peril as a comming wave of evil will throw off the balance of dark and light throwing the entire universe into chaos. Can the new senshi find the old senshi in time to save everything?
   Sailor Plutos RPG Preview Go
Hello and welcome to Sailor Plutos RPG! In this game, you'll have a chance to play one of the most exciting storylines. Here, you can play as one of the main characters from the hit series Sailor Moon...or you can play your own creation! This site is safe for all ages, and is Hentai Free! Please drop by and take a look! Email me at Inuyasha_fan85@hotmail.com
   The Sailor Neopets RPG Preview Go
Ever been to Neopets.com? Well, what if instead of Sailor Soldiers for different planets, there were Sailor Soldiers for different Neopets? That's what we have here. Come check it out.

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