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Mr. T Community - The webring dedicated to the toughest man alive - Mr. T!

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Mr. T Community

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Manager: fosterrm1
The webring dedicated to the toughest man alive - Mr. T!

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   Mr. T vs Pikachu Preview Go
Mr. T saves the capital from the evil scourge of Pikachu!
   Chocoberts Mr.T page Sucka! Preview Go
Hey you damn crazy foo'! Go to Chocoberts page on ME because i sez so! And none of that jibba jabba either! His page ain't no chat room foo's!
   Mr. T vs. Metallica Preview Go
"When bands start sellin' out, I make it my bidness!" Featuring special guest stars Megatron, the Teletubbies, and Jesse "The Body" Ventura.

   Mr. T vs. Megatron III: Mr. T vs. Galvatron Preview Go
The final chapter of the Mr. T vs. Megatron Trilogy. An epic battle of the helluva tough one vs. the big, purple fool...
   Mr. T vs. the Slayers Preview Go
Mr. T takes on that sorceress sucka, Lina Inverse, when she tries to steal his gold chains. Bad move! Not even the Lord of Nightmares is gonna be able to help you out in THIS battle, foo'!
   Cmp Productions starring Mr.T Preview Go
The first Mr.T versus production of many from the Centennial Microsoft Posee, in this exciting episode T learns that Joile and her husband have taken over the youth centre, anybody who messes with the youth centre has plenty of pain in their near future. Go get em T! Coming soon%
   Mr T vs Tony Blair Preview Go
Mr T goes up against Britains Labour Prime Minister after Blair and his chancellor close down UK Youth Centers
   Mr. T vs. The Undertaker Preview Go
The ultimate battle of good vs. good, but looks REALLY evil!
   Mr. T vs. Piakchu Preview Go
This is the first (to my knowledge) fully flash animated Mr. T vs. (something) site! It may not be the best flash movie out there, but it still rules!
   Mr. T vs. Pantera Preview Go
What happens when glam rock bands get big by copying lesser known thrash bands? They get thrown helluva far, that's what happens.

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