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Ring of Darkness RPGs - A ring for websites about Dark Roleplaying Games; World or Darknes, vampires, werewolves and more

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Ring of Darkness RPGs

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Manager: froginthewell
A ring for websites about Dark Roleplaying Games; World or Darknes, vampires, werewolves and more


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   Children of the Night Preview Go
This site mainly consists of Vampire: The Masquerade and Masquerade: Mind's Eye Theatre stuff. Please check it out!
   Lady Wraith's Roleplaying Site Preview Go
A personal site dedicated to roleplay gaming, specifically World of Darkness (vampires, mortals, etc.).
   Flame Dog's Domain Preview Go
Flame dog's domain is an ever growing World of Darknessand RPG site with reviews, characters, new abilities and much more.

   Storyte11er's Page of Darkness Preview Go
This site contains lots of game related art as well as information useable in YOUR World of Darkness game. Also a couple of fun sections!
   Children Of Fate Preview Go
It is a site based around Vampire: The Masquerade with various materials, humor, and other things for viewing
   Derange's World of Malkavian Thought Preview Go
This is Derange's World of Malkavian thought (as well as some other thought, but you'll have to come to find out).
   Diary of a Vampire - Teresa Devereux Preview Go
This website is based on actual table top gaming sessions of "Vampire: The Masquerade". The story is of a newly embraced vampire, written as diary entries of the central character Teresa. Approx 30,000 words long, and 3 chronicles, provide hours of reading entertainment. May even provide a few ideas for storylines for Storytellers of V:TM, or inspiration for gamers.
   Eternal Order Preview Go
The Eternal Order is a Chronicle primarily spanning the Mid Atlantic region of the United State of America but may go beyond. It is not limited to Vampire but encompasses all World of Darkness games.
   Clandestyne - A Storyteller freeform campaign Preview Go
Clandestyne is a Sydney based & set freeform campaign, A roleplaying game that involves a great number of players, with the emphasis of play being role-playing rather than strategy, The game is currently in hiatus, the site remains as an information resource.
   Adventure Design Preview Go
A.D is a little page with pretty much info about white wolf and other rpg's. Im also up to make my own rpg, called SALIGIA. Rules based mostly on ww-system, but changed a little. Not very professional, but not VERY ugly either...

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