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Manga Webring - Formerly known as the Pure Manga Ring, this ring is for profiling, discussing, displaying and whatnot of Manga, also kno

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Formerly known as the Pure Manga Ring, this ring is for profiling, discussing, displaying and whatnot of Manga, also known as Japanese Comics.



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   .::End of the World::. Preview Go
My own little shrine to insanity, bishounen, and all things kawaii.
   Hoshisato Mochiru's Living Game Preview Go
The Living Game Manga is a romantic comedy about two young people in Tokyo, Fuwa and Izumi, and their struggle for a home. Highly recommended!
   Image Garden Preview Go
Rather unknown shoujo manga reviews: Loveless, Rokutousei Supika, Cafe Kichijouji de, Gekka no Kimi, Hatenkou Yuugi, Yorozuya Toukaidou Honpo, Sequence, Blanc Project, Shounen Shinkaron, Never Give Up! and Dear Mine. More to come.

   Anime Hopefuls Preview Go
It is a site that hosts original art, stories and mangas for young talent who want to get into the world of anime and manga. Site is still small but growing.
   Hen:Strange Love Preview Go
This is a beautiful shoujo-ai manga novel written by Hiroya Oku. The story is mainly about Chizuru Yoshida and Azumi Yamada's strange love... oh, it also has shounen-ai couple which appeard in the last two volumes of the novel.
   Chishio no Ai Preview Go
The home of a fledgling original online manga called "Chishio no Ai" or "Blood's Love". Yaoi-themed(male/male romance/intimacy), modern-day with elements of magic and futuristic technology.
   The PQ Angels Intro & Info Site Preview Go
"PQ Angels" is the rare manga series by Naoko Takeuchi (creator of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon) about two alien girls who come to Earth and the boy one of them falls for during her first day on the planet. This story was left unfinished after only 4 chapters were published in Nakayoshi magazine, leaving it an enigma. This site provides information and lots of pictures of the characte
   Shoujo & General Preview Go
Illustrated general & shoujo manga reviews, general & shoujo anime reviews, satellite TV listings for Europe, miscellaneous info. Comprehensively indexed for fast access. - full site search engine!!
   Point de Vue Preview Go
**Original fantasy shonen-ai comics. In French and English** **Bande dessinée originale fantasy shonen-ai. En français et anglais**
   D.A Preview Go
An ongoing site abt Ayashi no Ceres and DearBoys character profile, summary, picture gallery [wallpapers], icons and winamp skins... Link to my other site abt Fushigi Yuugi and Slam Dunk...

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