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Human Mind WebRing - This ring was launched in August of 1996. Its purpose is to connect high quality sites with a common theme of human mind

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This ring was launched in August of 1996. Its purpose is to connect high quality sites with a common theme of human mind. It links sites about psychology, psychiatry, emotional and mental health, therapy and counseling, dealing with and facing difficult situations that stem from the simple fact of being human. By going around the ring, you can sample a selection of great sites that provide information, education, articles, tips and room to share one's pain and wisdom.

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   Self Realization & Clear-Mindedness Preview Go
Original and often challenging writings by Philip Goddard on a wide range of self realization / self actualization and healing issues. The purest and simplest methods for self healing and self actualization and clearing yourself of all troublesome non-physical influences - the only genuine comprehensive mental health. There is an overridingly important reason why we need to jettison the whole concept of 'spirituality' and put our focus on aware clear-mindedness instead.
   Night Terrors and Hells - Understand and Stop Them Preview Go
'Night terrors' are just the tip of an almighty iceberg of horrendous experiences that many people suffer. The author, Philip Goddard, has established these to be the true, genuine hells, and gives a ground-breaking description and explanation of them and their cause, with a simple and safe non-medical, down-to-earth methodology for clearing oneself of this dreadful scourge.
   Dyslexia Health Education Association Preview Go
Dyslexia Health Education Association is on Dyslexia, Health, Education, and a lot more as well check it out and see for your self.

   Frankie's Joint Preview Go
Personal journal/blog about life with Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, PTSD, and Borderline Personality Disorder. I'm one fucked-up kitty.
   MindfulSolutioNZ--Mental Health Recovery Education Preview Go
We teach evidence based methods of recovery by promoting emotional well being and encouraging personal discovery and growth, while challenging our core beliefs and learned behaviours.
   The Swan's Sorrow Preview Go
This site was developed mainly as a creative outlet to help those who suffer from depression get through the
   The Self-Medication Hypothesis of Addiction Preview Go
Presents both the psychoanalytic and behavioral versions of the self-medication hypothesis of the etiology of addictions.
   The Story of a PROUD Nut Case Preview Go
The politics of insanity: A story of one woman's four involuntary psychiatric commitments.
   Worry Worry Worry Preview Go
Self help guide to relief from anxiety and worry with lessons from mental health professionals, using an amusing cat theme.
   Amit Bhatt's Live Life U Want Preview Go
Challenging the You, who U are; To become the You, U choose to be.

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