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Psychedelic TripRing - A collection of pages that are of a Psychedelic Nature ...psychedelic music, Woodstock and the 60's culture, progressive

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Psychedelic TripRing

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A collection of pages that are of a Psychedelic Nature ...psychedelic music, Woodstock and the 60's culture, progressive issues, activism & do-gooding, and of course, the Grateful Dead ... Come Trip with us!


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   Delusional Excavation Project Preview Go
My site is varied. I have a special place for reliable and accurate drug info. It is under construction right now but it will have at some point and time all of the following. TOOL,NIN,lsd,weed,cocaine,clockwork orange,final fantasy,lesbian and gay activism, and numerous others.
   Grateful Dead News Blog Preview Go
A blog that reprints current news articles about the Grateful Dead from all over the net.
   the wrong way: unofficial psychedelic web pages Preview Go
featuring The Seeds, Shadows of Knight, Moving Sidewalks, Gravedigger V, Morlocks, Unclaimed and Backdoor Men.

   Brojo's Psychedelic Experience Preview Go
A tripped-out trek into the far-flung fringes of psychedelia.
   lost in the most beautiful Dream... Preview Go
A collection of MANY links, images, and information about paranormal topics, psychedelic, experimental, 80s, punk, noise, music AND BEYOND.
   psychedelic kaliedoscopes Preview Go
a gallery of psychedelic fractal kaliedoscopic images and animations
   The Sacred Scrolls of Woodstock Preview Go
I am the Purple Glomp first manifested at Woodstock in 1969. By the combined use of Sex, Drugs and Rock'n Roll by over 500,000 hippies, I was manifested into physical reality from this divine trinity.To read the Sacred Scrolls of Woodstock and join the list of Paradise Creator Sons --%
   Entheogen Research Association Preview Go
In contrast to the utter stupidity of the establishment we exist as a private organization researching the true nature of entheogens: their ability to merge with the core of human nature and bring us to the frontiers of being.
   Ancient Oak Farms Patchworks Preview Go
At Ancient Oak Farms we Specialize in Homemade Patchwork Clothing for Any Ocassion...Whether it be pants, skirts, shorts, tops, or dresses, we got something that you are sure to look wonderful and unique in....All clothing is one of a kind and you will never see the same piece twice because at Ancient Oak Farms we Love Individuality..........
*HIGHLY-EXPLICIT* DARK GRAPHICS-DRUG LINKS-FORUMS-QUOTES-SLAMBOOKS-ALTERED HUMOR-POETRY-DRUG SURVEYS *WARNING* For people who aren't scared of living a little on the darker side of life- maybe expanding their consciousness for a moment or two or three.*WARNING* You may be influenced into a HIGHER STATE OF BEING!**drugs-r-good**

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