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Memorial: Pets - Find in this ring sites commemorating the lives, mourning the deaths and celebrating the memories of our beloved pets of

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Memorial: Pets

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Manager: genessa

Find in this ring sites commemorating the lives, mourning the deaths and celebrating the memories of our beloved pets of the past, be they dogs, cats, horses, rabbits or less common companions.  They were part of our lives, part of our families, part of our being.  Pictured on this page:  the gravestone of Sideways, reading:


"Mar. 1, 1945   Aug. 14, 1947

On the NavBar: "Grave of the lovely horse of Grand Duke Friedrich Franz I. Mecklenburg-Schwerin in Ludwigslust," circa 1815, photographed in 2008 by Ruchöft-Plau.


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   genessa -- sidney! Preview Go
A short tale of the short life of a small white cat named Sidney.
   Society of Meditative Cats Rainbow Bridge Memorial Page Preview Go
As long as we remember them they will always live in our hearts. We'd be honored to have your furangel as a member of the Society of Meditative Cats.
   Lionheart -- Loving King Preview Go
A story about my childhood dog, King.

   Bitser Bo-Jangles, the Grey Ghost Preview Go
Join the Memorial Quilt by placing a patch for your beloved friend. A permanent memorial for those who have given us love and loyalty throughout their lives.
   In Loving Memory: Hobie Preview Go
The page dedicated to my beloved Hobie - a Himalayan Persian and Siamese mix. She was my companion and best friend, and I think of her every day. May she rest in peace and finally catch that moth that always seemed to escape her furry little grasp.
   FurFace's HomePage Preview Go
Dedicated to FurFace, my companion feline who allowed me to share her space from 1983 to 2002.
   genessa -- ritzie! Preview Go
A short essay about Lady G's grandmother and her dog, Ritzie.
   Throught the Eyes of a Cat: Bandit's Story Preview Go
A brief story about the life and times of our beloved pet cat, Bandit. It is written as if he were telling the reader about his life.
   Rainbow Bridge Tribute Preview Go
Rainbow Bridge Tribute is a memorial to all beloved pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Share the special poem and tributes, add your own memorials, or browse pet loss support links.
   Carols Sketches Preview Go
Pencil sketches of dogs, cats, people, misc. Specializing in PETS IN MEMORY.....profits go to feline cancer research. Website shows photos and sketches side by side for comparison.

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