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The All RPG Webring - This ring is for anything that is RPG. We would prefer that your site include information about non-computer or non-cons

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The All RPG Webring

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This ring is for anything that is RPG. We would prefer that your site include information about non-computer or non-console system RPG, but that's not necessary. A good example is Star Wars RPG or Torbin RPG.

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   Ring Of Australian RoleplayING Preview Go
A web ring of sites about roleplaying in Australia: This includes sites for roleplaying conventions, clubs, large campaigns and sites with resources for Australian roleplayers.
   Birch Bookstore Preview Go
A online role playing bookstore, with lots of free RPG downloads. And many review on RPG books.
   NOVUS EXTERMINO (N.E.) Preview Go
Magic Game. This is a world with magic, psychic powers, evil corporate CEOs, science, technology...and skateboard freaks.

   S-H RPG (SQUAD H-31 Role Playing Game) Preview Go
S-H RPG Jan-26th-2156 Man is returning back to Earth from Mars, after the bloody war that was fought over the soil. Sending out groups of Marines, they scavange the planet looking for Aliens and Predators that dear stay...
   After The Rain Preview Go
After a mythical disater destroyed the paradise-like world of Ganshou one thousand years and a century ago, the people create new paths in the future, still unknowningly connected to their forgotten history of spirits, heroes, and a scourge that may threaten once more.
   V_The Visitors_Revenge RPG Character List Preview Go
Come join the fun in viewing what is being claimed as the top "V" RPG on the web today. This website will associate you with the characters involved and will provide you with a link to the actual group, as well as a link to see many other exciting RPGS, fanfics, and websites involving Science Fiction, Fantasy, and many more topics. Come see TODAY!
   Tales of the Crystals Preview Go
This is a website dedicated to the game, Tales of the Crystals RPG. We have created a few of our own characters and have brought it to a new level for teenagers and adults.
   Battle of the Forces Preview Go
Customize your own character and join in the eternal struggle between the Forces of Light and Dark! Help Light Force rid the world of evil...or be recruited into Dark Force and conquer it!
   Ynys Aur: The Inn of the Weary Traveler Preview Go
Be it pirate, Viking, highwayman, warrior, lord, lady, wench, or rascal, all paths cross at this medieval tavern, the Inn Of The Weary Traveler on the Celtic isle of Ynys Aur on AOL. Join the fun with seasoned roleplayers in a 1500s historical setting. Site contains maps, character info, and links. Affiliated with AWPG/SWPG/Stonebridge. (Formerly the original Medieval Tavern, Vaerdyn on AOL)
   Clandestyne - A Storyteller freeform campaign Preview Go
Clandestyne is a Sydney based & set freeform campaign, A roleplaying game that involves a great number of players, with the emphasis of play being role-playing rather than strategy, The game is currently in hiatus, the site remains as an information resource.

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