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Martial Arts - The Martial Arts Ring exists for the purpose of linking the Martial Arts community, to provide an easy and comprehensive

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Martial Arts

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The Martial Arts Ring exists for the purpose of linking the Martial Arts community, to provide an easy and comprehensive access of martial arts pages for all people. In the spirit of good will and brother/sister hood any page that provides information on any aspect of martial arts is welcome. The site has a G rating, and it hopes to represent the martial arts community as a whole, so please no profanity, or pornographic material. There are many different types of martial arts. Some are hard style, which means that they involve high velocity strikes. Some are soft style, such as the Chinese animal styles, which were patterned after the movements of animals. Some were practiced in order to achieve a meditative state, maintain physical health, develop fluidity of motion. Some were designed with bare hands and feet because no weapons were available. Some weapons were developed from farm instruments. And some today resemble stylized dances.

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Dragon's Do Jo Home Of The Champions What is GoJu Ryu Karate GoJu Ryu (Hard and Soft style) is a traditional Okinawan martial art. Founded by Master Chojun Miyagi. In GoJu Ryu their are.both hard and soft elements. Go translate as "hard" and Ju as "soft." This existence of both characterizes GoJu Ryu karate and is truly the hart of GoJu R
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Welcome to the martial arts arena. The intent here is to have an open-minded site,devoted to sharing information, strategy, events, experiences and stories from all martial arts styles.

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