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Military Control Center - This ring is a collection of websites about active duty military personnel and veterans of any armed

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Military Control Center

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Manager: wr__tj
This ring is a collection of websites about active duty military personnel and veterans of any armed force in the world. The site can be about themselves, family, or friends. This ring also has sites that contain POW/MIA information. It is open to all military-related sites of any country.

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   James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door Preview Go
James S. Huggins is a technologist, author, artist & professional speaker. How many programmers do you know who give keynote addresses to 500 or 5,000? With more than 29 years of technology experience, he also writes and speaks about technology, generously sprinkled with humor & motivation
   James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door Preview Go
This site honors POWs and MIAs, plus the owner's brother, a USAF U-2 pilot, with extensive information about and photos of the U-2, our high altitude spy plane; James S Huggins is an eclectic professional speaker, author & technologist; This site features information, stories and humor that interest him as well as one of the net's most extensive information resources on w
   Historical Military Paintings Preview Go
Military history and art for you to enjoy today! Military prints of battles, including Alexander the Great, ancient Rome, English medieval knights, Scottish highlanders, Napoleonic wars, artillery and infantry, the American Civil War, the wild west, Custer's 7th Cavalry, Zulus at Rorke's Drift, the Light Brigade, the British Indian Army, WW I, WW II, and the Per

   VietNam Vets and Legacy Vets MC Preview Go
Viet Nam Vets MC (VNVMC) and Legacy Vets MC (LVMC), U.S.A. - GEORGIA
   Dotson's Purple Heart Preview Go
A page dedicated to the memory of my father Pvt. James "Dotson" Duke who was killed in action during World War II in Aachen,Germany
   HevyDuty's Armor Page Preview Go
Includes Many links to today's armored vehicles from around the world. Also listed are many sites pertaining to WWII nad armor links of that era. A military bookshelf, Army posts, and POW/MIA links included as well.
   POW/MIA Heroes of War Preview Go
This site is dedicated to our american soldiers that fought and died for our freedom. Come join with us. Help us to help them.
   Visions of Vietnam Preview Go
A photo journal of India and Mike Companies, 3rd Battalion 7th Marines in Vietnam. Includes actual audio recordings from Mike Company in Vietnam.
   History of the British Army in World War I Preview Go
A complete history of the British Army in World War I, including information about battles, uniforms, equipment, weapons, trench construction, re-enacting WW I, and much more.
   2nd Plt. Golf Company 2/26th Preview Go
Information about the Second Plt. Golf Co. Vietnam

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