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The Mystic Gardens Webring - The Mystic Gardens Webring is dedicated to those with an interest in mystic topics such as Astrology, Tarot, Spiritualis

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The Mystic Gardens Webring

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The Mystic Gardens Webring is dedicated to those with an interest in mystic topics such as Astrology, Tarot, Spiritualism, past lives and Reincarnation, Wicca, Paganism, Mysticism, and many other subjects associated with the mystic and esoteric arts. A strong 'mystic' background is not required for your site to join, only no adult content, low commercial content, minimal advertising, suitability and relevance.

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   Connecting To Diana-- Afterlife conversation with Diana Preview Go
It was my honor to have Princess Diana speak to me after her death. I am a channel/medium for the world of Spirit, and my time with Diana was the most profound of my career thus far. Riveting and revealing, the words of Diana as given in my E-book, THE PRINCESS AND THE PEON: AN UNCOMMON CONVERSATION WITH THE LATE PRINCESS DIANA offers great wisdom to our world, reminding us we c
   Dreaming at the Feet of Hades Preview Go
A repository of writings by a student of the occult and of traditional witchcraft, describing adventures and offering commentary on various esoteric topics.
   PatchouliRose Preview Go
Scorpio female. Search for and reunion with my birth mother and brother. Mother and unborn baby bonding. Spring and summer in my FL garden and pond.

   Mythology of the North Preview Go
Appropriate for Asatru or Wiccan studies. Tables of correspondences for Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Norse Pantheons. Includes Planets, Zodiac. Useful to anthropologists, archaeologists, historians. Comprehensive text on Magick. Tables for gemstones, divinations, magickal implements and procedures, Elder Futhark Runes. Rituals for every purpose.
   New Millennium Being Preview Go
An Astrological Ezine, whose purpose is to help guide us into the 21st century. Specially written with novice and non-astrologers in mind, it interprets how current astrological events impact our individual and collective lives.

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