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lesbiansring - Welcome to the Lesbiansring Webring, which is Lesbian owned with many wonderful sites by and for Lesbian women. We

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Welcome to the Lesbiansring Webring, which is Lesbian owned with many wonderful sites by and for Lesbian women. We accept sites which are owned and operated by Lesbian women. Incidently every month our team at Lesbiansring picks a ring member's site for special feature on our main website! It could be you:) Thanks to all the wonderful Lesbiansring members, and of course our very talented design team for help with the Lesbiansring Website etc!


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   Lesbian Kama Sutra Preview Go
...probably the most revolutionary Sapphic Arts and Lovers Guide. Lesbian Kama Sutra explores lesbian sexual positions in chapters with videos, photographs, explanatory text, drawings and Tantra. An arts archive, called Sapphosophy, collects lesbian material contributed successively by world-wide women.
   Diary of a Lesbian Recruit Preview Go
It's just a diary about what happens to me...a 21 year old lesbian living in California.
   CoolWater's Place Preview Go
A Butchly place, where all that is Butch is welcomed. Femmes are allowed, as there is invaluable information in understanding the Butch side of things, all tongue-in-cheek, of course.

   Strictly Femme! Preview Go
A site created by a StoneFemme with emphasis on that. It has Butch/Femme poetry and some informative links, as well as other nice touches on it. Its well worth the visit.
   Ana Suromai - Lift Your Skirts Preview Go
Book review and links
   Gentle Domme's Softer Side to D/s Preview Go
Gentle Domme explores the softer, more nurturing side of the lesbian D/s lifestlye.
   the Articulate Rainbow Preview Go
A fun thought provoking site for women focusing on lesbian thought, fashion, advocacy, women's health, the arts, and Tiggers! Find humor and quotes, pictures, links to lesbian sites and more.
   Mother Moon Preview Go
The Journey of a writer of Lesbian fiction from the unknown to future publication
   Oceanldy.com Preview Go
An ecclectic collection of short stories, poems and erotica for women who love women by the author Ocean.
   shotgunsusie's domain Preview Go
Computer technical engineer who loves rock n roll music, astronomy, australia, womyn, harley davidsons, fantasy, webmedia, and partyin!

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