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Give Me Pigs - It's a home for the nice, hearty, strange, and weird sites on the internet. It is a webring celebrating sites for the s

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Give Me Pigs

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It's a home for the nice, hearty, strange, and weird sites on the internet. It is a webring celebrating sites for the slightly strange, impaired, insane, incongruent, in ... yeah. It's a lovely little circle of sites that look after one another and go for picnics every Saturday. If you feel strange and weird and things like that, then we'd love you to join.


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   Jewish Pork Recipes Preview Go
I salted it, I soaked it - what's the issue?
   The Abyss Preview Go
Personal site. Includes homepage for Cafe Satan, "where eternal damnation never tasted so good", but starting with "The Seven Deadly Sins: Have you been putting them off?" So I guess that would be ... what? Sort of like saying grace before dinner? And there's other stuff.
   Hate Commys? Us Too Preview Go
Hate communists? Us too.

   Really Pathetic Productions Preview Go
Welcome to the poster child for weird comedy. Spoofs aplenty cover this site which are in the form of bizzare art and even news satire. The creators jab at pretty much anything and promise a really interesting experience.
   Crazy Contras HQ Preview Go
The most strange and crazy organisation ever!
   steve jackass gresher Preview Go
a bunch of worthless crap, with pictures
   No One Believes Me But It's True Preview Go
Look, I know you won't believe me, but I really AM Dana Scully and this yellow bent thing is NOT a banana, it's my gun, and goldfish really are people too, and digital pets are a conspiricy...anyway read about it at my site. Please believe me.
   Peter's World! It's better than your world! Preview Go
Peter's World! - It's better than your World! This page has a collection of the weirdest humour on the net and also has a collection of some of the weirdest pictures on the net, but that's not all!! Come in and find out for your-self. And remember kids, dead g
   World Swine Web Preview Go
The World Swine Web has everything about real and fictional pigs. Comprehensive information including cartoon pigs, pet pigs, pork production, cooking pork, and pork links. You'll have a real swine time. Root through the WSW is you are a pig or know one. Click in and pig out.
   Eleben Am Nail Polish Preview Go
i sing like a stripe-less bee
i google like a timbered tree
and i drink soup of pasted sesame

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