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A ring for independent artists, musicians and bands.


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   Tiananmen Square Home Page Preview Go
A skank(punk & ska) band from Greenfield, Indiana set on informing everyone about what is wrong with the world that we live in. We have catchy tunes, tight melodies, and in-your-face lyrics.
   Kinda Wicked Preview Go
Kinda Wicked is a new Boston (North of Boston) based band. We focus on the alternative/alterna-pop scene, and we have gotten a Kick-Ass response from all who have heard us. This page was set up by me, Michelle, for you to learn a little more about why we are...Kinda Wicked!
   A Band Called Horse! Preview Go
ABC Horse! takes C & W, bluegrass and rock and whips them all into a special new shape. Original songs of satanic trucks, broken-hearted gals who can say F*** but not Love and psychotic political comment combine with country standards like you've never heard them and hell for leather bluegrass dancin' toons. All this and a plastic elephant called Mr Snouty who cooks up a storm...

   Original Pop-Rock Songs from a Hungarian-Danish-America Preview Go
Attila Kovacs, musician - songwriter*** 6 CDs released so far: Goal (pop-rock) Ufo Lady (pop-rock) Hong Kong (light-rock) Hungarian Dawn (newage, instrumental, neo-classical) Synthia
   Now & Then: Solo Cello Improvisations and Bach Preview Go
Cellist Peter Lewy's award winnning CD features 7 compositions for solo cello, a piece for 4 overdubbed cellos and the first Suite for unnaccompanied cello by Bach

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