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Imaginary Countries - This ring is a collection of imaginary countries.

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Imaginary Countries

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Manager: spum
This ring is a collection of imaginary countries.

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   The Empire of Gruver Preview Go
The homepage of the Empire of Gruver and All Surrounding Lands, a micronation in North America.
   The Joint Kingdoms Wargame Homepage Preview Go
Website of the imaginary Joint Kingdoms. The Joint Kingdoms are a loose alliance of nations representing different periods in earth's history. All united against imaginary dark kingdoms populated by creatures of legends. Here knights and legionnaires fight side by side against trolls, goblins a
   United Empire of Rainbowisland and Montana Preview Go
The Rainbowisland site strives to describe as many aspects of the country in as much detail as possible. most detailed are: the history and the football league

   The Kingdom of Perpetuity Preview Go
Come visit the Fountain of Eternal Youth, the Ravens of Nevermore, the Twin Cities of Longago and Faraway, and the Tar Pit of Eternal Damnation! These sights and more await you in the Kingdom of Perpetuity!
   The Price of Starlight Preview Go
The Price of Starlight project is exploring the fundimental changes mankind faced between 2000 and 3500 AD. It also explores what happens when one project team member (Michael Tharsus of Mars, we're looking at you) eats more than his fair share of biscuits at meetings...

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