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Memorial WebRing - Untitled document Find in this ring sites memorializing a lost loved one, who may be human or otherwise, and sites acad

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Memorial WebRing

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Manager: genessa
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Find in this ring sites memorializing a lost loved one, who may be human or otherwise, and sites academic and personal about the concept of losing and/or memorializing loved ones.  Pictured on this page:  an April 20, 2008  photo by Wikimedia Commons user Tarourashima of "the grave of movie director Ozu Yasujirô [December 12, 1903 - December 11, 1963] at the Engaku-ji temple, Kita Kamakura. The block of granite, famously, does not bear his name but the character "Mu", or void."  On the NavBar:  a detail from a larger picture by A Troen, taken in 1996, of Grand Rabbi Avraham Yissachor Englard of Radzin at Havdalah following the yahrzeit tisch [observance of death anniversary] of his brother-in-law Grand Rabbi Shmuel Shlomo Leiner of Radzin -- 29 Iyar 5756 -- at the Central Radziner Shul in Bnei Brak, Israel.


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   genessa -- father in the mirror! Preview Go
A poem about Lady G's father.
   genessa -- the rest of the story! Preview Go
Why Lady G's mother was terrified of thunderstorms.
   genessa -- my mother Preview Go
The last few days of Lady G's mother's life.

   genessa -- A Memory of Lady G's Father Preview Go
"My Dad, the Vet" by Gail M Feldman
   In Loving Memory: Hobie Preview Go
The page dedicated to my beloved Hobie - a Himalayan Persian and Siamese mix. She was my companion and best friend, and I think of her every day. May she rest in peace and finally catch that moth that always seemed to escape her furry little grasp.
   genessa -- ritzie! Preview Go
A short essay about Lady G's grandmother and her dog, Ritzie.
   My ^i^ Patrick ^i^ ~ Patrick Henry Flanagan Preview Go
Memorial, photos and writings of my son, Patrick Henry Flanagan.
   Sunny's Pages:: A Father's Tribute Preview Go
A dedication to my father... including the poem "Today I Awoke". I wrote this poem for him the day we lost him. Includes info about his Family, business, some photo's, awards, adoptions and more...
   In Loving Memory of Those Who've Gone Before Preview Go
A page to honor and remember those who are gathering to wait for us on the other side.
   genessa -- webring! Preview Go
If you're seeing this site in one of my rings, consider it an unofficial manager's page); otherwise it's my page about which rings I manage AND about WebRing in general, including WebRing membership and management. If THIS ring isn't on the page, it's due to be merged; check join instructions to see where.

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