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Folk Medicine and Herbs - This ring brings together websites focusing on the incredible encyclopedic knowledge the human race has about the h

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Folk Medicine and Herbs

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This ring brings together websites focusing on the incredible encyclopedic knowledge the human race has about the herbal uses of plants to facilitate the visitor learning about these alternative medicines and their uses.


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This is the blog I use to house all the webring rings I manage. Here you will find a link to view them all. I have also included a list of guidelines and any thing else you may need, to join which ever ones you are interested in
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The KALAMA Foundation's Botanicals division, produces traditional Hawaiian botanical oils. The first, the WAIOMANA Collection is for personal use. The second set, the KU HINA Collection is for useduring massage/energetic body work. These collections use ancient Hawaiian herbal recipes that have been passed down in Native Hawaiian families for many generations.
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Your Online Resource For Medicinal Information Online, including academic medicine, acupuncture, adolescent medicine, alcohol medicine, alternative medicine, asthma medicine, azor medicine, cancer medicine, cardiology medicine, chinese medicine, clinical medicine, complementary medicine, diabetes medicine, emergency medicine, faculty medicine, family medicine, homeopathic medicine, childcare and health tips and also procedures that are used to aid in operations and facts that would make your life a lot easier in the light of medicine.

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Questo Ŕ un sito personale devoto alla Via Operativa della Tradizione Esoterica Occidentale. Questo sito non Ŕ connesso ad alcuna organizzazione o societÓ esistente. Eventuali riferimenti a organizzazioni e societÓ sono solo storici o informativi. SE COPIATE IL CONTENUTO DEL MIO SITO PREGO CITATE LA FONTE !!!
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This information is not a substitute for medical care. If you decide to take health and/or skin care into your own hands remember that there can be complications to using natural healing methods which include but are not limited to allergies and improper dosages. Herbs are to be treated as any other medicine. Your physician needs to be aware of any herbals you wish to take before you begin using them. If you are pregnant or nursing

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