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The Delphic Oracle - For sites about ancient Greek and/or Roman religion, mythology, culture, philosophy, and related history. We are especia

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The Delphic Oracle

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Manager: theodora_maffat
For sites about ancient Greek and/or Roman religion, mythology, culture, philosophy, and related history. We are especially interested in sites that promote a reconstructionist approach to ancient religion. All interested are encouraged to apply.


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   For The Revival Of The Traditional Hellenic Religion Preview Go
This religion has survived as an underground faith for many centuries. We think that time has come that it be resurrected at its homeland.
   House of Hades Preview Go
All of the information I could find, from pre-Hellenic to modern, on the Greek Underworld. Includes descriptions of books, links to finding books, full documents, pictures, descriptions of characters, descriptions of the Underworld, and more.
   Thiasos Olympikos Preview Go
Hellenismos site detailing 'how we do it,' where we are coming from, etc.. Rituals, calendar, Book, music, video and film reviews, articles, and whatever else we may throw in. We are told we have a Lot of Content. Despite crashes, we try and update at least once a month. Our last ISP crash took us back nearly six months. But we try...

   Aphrodite: Goddess of Love & Desire Preview Go
This site is dedicated to the Greek Goddess Aphrodite and her relation to other Gods & Goddess and legends. It also includes an image gallery and useful links.
   Diipetes Journal Preview Go
The official page of DIIPETES, a greek gentile (pagan) bimonthly (1991-) for the defence and restoration of the ethnic hellenic polytheistic religion of the Olympian Gods.
   Muse Melete Preview Go
A personal site featuring Greek Muses and Greek Mythology.
   Cheiron Hellenic Pagan site Preview Go
Cheiron Hellenic Pagan site has information about the ancient Hellenic Religion, Philosophy and more, also has information from other wiccan/pagan traditions.
   Devotion: A Shrine to the Gods of the Greeks Preview Go
Prayers and other writings devoted to the Hellenic gods
   OlympusLives Preview Go
A collection of various interesting things pertaining to the Greek pantheon and it's worship modern and ancient.
   The Tholos Preview Go
A gathering for Hellenic and Roman Paganism/Polytheist info, sources, links to online temples and organizations, and personal material.

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