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Game Programmer's - The mission of this webring is to provide a way of communication and linking for game programmers across the world. It i

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Game Programmer's

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Manager: fosterrm2
The mission of this webring is to provide a way of communication and linking for game programmers across the world. It is dedicated to guide the interested reader to information that is useful and tested, be it cutting edge technology or long-proven techniques. If you have anything to do in this business, check this out! Doorway and affiliate pages are not allowed. The WebRing code must be placed on a webpage that gets hits.


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   The Isometric Hexometric Tile Engine development site Preview Go
The site is dedicated to the development of a Isometric/Hexometric Tile Engine, and the obviouse game that will be using this engine. Many demoes and code samples, in C++ using DirectX.
   Miracle Man Studio Preview Go
The future center of the game programming community.
   Queasy Games Preview Go
These are the games I make in whatever time I get. None of 'em are really great, but they're kinda fun. I've also included some links to some sites that I've found useful.

   Java Preview Go
My site helps programmers that are Java newbies.
   LKM Game Project Preview Go
a team devoted to make an action-adventure game with an isometric perspective and multiplayer features. We've have just started this and need skilled graphic artists, music composer, programmers,..
   Majestic Pixel Preview Go
Makers of pixelbased games for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
   MySQL wrapped: Another MySQL C API C++ wrapper Preview Go
This is a C++ wrapper for the MySQL database C application programming interface. The code works for linux/unix, as well as win32.
   NeoTerra Hompage Preview Go
NeoTerra is a group of people working together to create a 3D sci-fi side scrolling arcade style video game entitled "LUNAR DEFENSE". A suped up version of the old Atari fav, Moon Patrol.
   Rise of Nations Preview Go
Rise of Nations- My new game programmed in C++ with DirectX. We're working on this turn based strategy game hard and right now as you read this most likely.
   game related resources Preview Go
free source code, tutorials, you can ask questions with email!!!

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