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The Glowring - A ring devoted to the Glorantha Setting, and the RuneQuest and HeroQuest Game Systems.

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The Glowring

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A ring devoted to the Glorantha Setting, and the RuneQuest and HeroQuest Game Systems.

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   Wesley's Glorantha Page Preview Go
This site has all of Martin Laurie's stories that he has published. There is also all of our campaign write-ups including character descriptions and histories. Cults, Myths, Legends and more. How do the Orlanthi Live?
   The Glorantha Gallery Preview Go
A gallery of original Glorantha-based artwork. Not just computer re-touches of photographs or other art--true original art, mostly pencil or ink.
   Simon Phipp's RuneQuest and Glorantha Site Preview Go
This is a fan site developed after almost 30 years of roleplaying in the game world of Glorantha. Everyone likes to house rule, to make up new things for the game and I am no exception. As a Games Master (GM), I have tried to add new ideas to the game, to write about new areas and to develop those areas that interest me further.

   E-Quest Preview Go
Create a character and explore a portion of Sartar. A land infected with chaos, under military occupation by the Lunar invasion force. It is up to you to survive and maybe strike back at the invading army. Or you could just wander around aimlessly...
   Oliver Bernuetz's Gloranthan Page Preview Go
Information on past Gloranthan campaigns set mostly in Balazar and Prax. Background information on the Balazar and Gloranthan stories and myths I have written. Some Hero Wars information as well.

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