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The Glowring - A ring devoted to the Glorantha Setting, and the RuneQuest and HeroQuest Game Systems.

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The Glowring

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Manager: fosterrm2
A ring devoted to the Glorantha Setting, and the RuneQuest and HeroQuest Game Systems.

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   E-Quest Preview Go
Create a character and explore a portion of Sartar. A land infected with chaos, under military occupation by the Lunar invasion force. It is up to you to survive and maybe strike back at the invading army. Or you could just wander around aimlessly...
   Oliver Bernuetz's Gloranthan Page Preview Go
Information on past Gloranthan campaigns set mostly in Balazar and Prax. Background information on the Balazar and Gloranthan stories and myths I have written. Some Hero Wars information as well.
   BRP web pages Preview Go
Basic Roleplaying rules, conversions and equipment for various other worlds/genres and Unix/Linux software for BRP

   AkuQuest Homepage Preview Go
Site of my views about Glorantha. Some translated scenarios (originally Finnish) and other miscellaneous stuff.
   Tal Meta's RQ-Greyhawk Project Preview Go
RuneQuest as played on the World of Greyhawk! Four major human pantheons fully described, as well as a host of non-human cults and pantheons. Also home to the RQ-Rules Archives, and a variety of other usefull bits and pieces for RQ fans!
   The Unofficial Glorantha Chat Room Preview Go
A chat room dedicated to on-line discussions about Glorantha and related subjects, such as RuneQuest and the forthcoming Hero Wars.
   Laboratory of Wizard: Treasury of Glorantha Preview Go
Esoteric Unofficial Setting of Glorantha: Northern Genertela with Japanese & English
   Glorantha.org.uk Preview Go
A Glorantha fan site including photos of a tula and gaming details of that tula in the second and third ages!
   The Dragonrise Approaches Runequest Campaign Preview Go
This is our campaign website for our game that has been running since 2003, at varying regularity.
   Pavis City Preview Go
Prax - centered campaign material with house rules, scenarios and useful GM stuff (including the all-colour calenadar!)

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