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OJK World of Math - This ring is designed to contain sites specifically related to the field of mathematics and related topics. Sites design

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OJK World of Math

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Manager: ojjk
This ring is designed to contain sites specifically related to the field of mathematics and related topics. Sites designed to help students develop a better understanding of mathematics are preferred.

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   Integer Jim's Math Squad Preview Go
Math help for students and parents as well as tons of creative ideas and lesson materials for teachers looking for adventure projects to help motivate students. This site is maintained by an award-winning middle school math teacher.
   Hypatia-phd's Math Page! Preview Go
This site contains links to various mathematics education organizations, sites for lateral logic puzzles, and fun math-related pages as well as original lesson plans and activities for teachers .
   Advanced Statistics and Optimization Preview Go
Advanced Statistics and Optimization with engineering applications ...descriptive statistics, including non-normal distributions...Statis tical Process Control and Time Series Forecasting, including some advanced concepts...design of experiments and analysis including t-test,ANOVA,F-Ratio,C orrelation,Multiple Linear Regression,System Moments,Response Surfac

An Online Course: Producing A Project of Ideas & Resources, ALL areas of Math: may be taken for graduate credit. See http://www.teachercourses.com for details
   Association for Research on Mathematical Sciences Preview Go
An Association of Teachers providing Lessons for Students of Mathematics and the Sciences. Mersenne Primes. Dynamical Systems.Links to Top Math Sites. Bay Area Math Olympiad. BASP/BAMP/BAWP.Links to Free software provided.
   Vector Land Preview Go
Vector Land is an interactive introduction to 3D Vector geometry for anyone who wants to learn.
   Miller's Marvelous Math Preview Go
This site is designed for 7th grade math students but contains a variety of material for general use. It is a new site and still under construction but already contains quite a bit.
   Math Lessons for Meaning Preview Go
Meaningful lessons in mathematics. Musings about what math can lead us to understand.

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