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All Things Ferrety - The ferret is a small mammal that has been partly domesticated. They are sometimes kept as pets, and also have been used

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All Things Ferrety

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Manager: okieshadow
The ferret is a small mammal that has been partly domesticated. They are sometimes kept as pets, and also have been used to aid in hunting rabbits. This webring links websites of ferret enthusiasts. If you are an aspiring owner of a ferret or if you have one already, you will find something worthwhile in this webring.


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   Okie Shadow Preview  new site Go
This is the blog I use to house all the webring rings I manage. Here you will find a link to view them all. I have also included a list of guidelines and any thing else you may need, to join which ever ones you are interested in
   Yakamaui's Ferret Page Preview Go
Some pages about the most fascinating creatures on the planet. Once you share a little time with one, life wouldn't be the same without them. Pictures and stories about the ferrets that have lived with us,past and present.
   Silver and Dragon Wolf's Ferret Page Preview Go
Our ferret page is for the ferret lovers in all of us. Please visit the links to other ferret websites.

   Fuzzy Ferret Freinds Club Site Preview Go
Talk with other ferret owners from around the world and share stories,pics, or information on ferret laws.Voteing booths held monthle . Site under construction!!
   Wonky's Ferret Fun Page Preview Go
A page that I made about ferrets in general.
   The Amazing Ferret Preview Go
A few things to know about owning ferrets.
   Pet Amusement Lair Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Attractive lairs that hangs on the wall, plenty of ventilation,lairs connect together with clear tubeing,and this system connects up to any cage. This product also helps to keep them from getting Muscle atrophy. Have climb tubes up to 6' long. Comes in multiple colors. Ferrets love it!
   Ferrets Fantasy Bedding Preview Go
Quality ferret bedding at rock bottom prices! Check out the great selection, visit the fuzzy photos page, answer the ferret Q & A, and check back often for updates.
   Furry Ferrets Preview Go
This is a ferret site dedicated to my ferret, Chloe. It offers lots of great information that I used while raising my ferret.
   Ferrets Preview Go
This is a website with pictures of all my pets, past and present, including ferrets.

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