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All Things Ferrety - The ferret is a small mammal that has been partly domesticated. They are sometimes kept as pets, and also have been used

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All Things Ferrety

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Manager: okieshadow
The ferret is a small mammal that has been partly domesticated. They are sometimes kept as pets, and also have been used to aid in hunting rabbits. This webring links websites of ferret enthusiasts. If you are an aspiring owner of a ferret or if you have one already, you will find something worthwhile in this webring.


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   Wonky's Ferret Fun Page Preview Go
A page that I made about ferrets in general.
   My Ferret - Named Kitty Preview Go
Here you will find photos of my "only child ferret" named Kitty. On Feburary 20, 1995, when I got my new baby girl, she came with cage, food bowl, and all the stuff a Fuzzy could ever want. The food bowl said "Kitty", and I thought, That's Cute, I'll name her Kitty ! I had the pleasure of having Kitty with me just over 8.5yrs. She passed over the Rainbow Br
Infos zu Haltung und Umgang mit Frettchen veranschaulicht durch Fotos. Vermittlungsplattform. Linksammlung (Frettchen, Marder, Iltis, Otter, Skunk,...). Forum. Kleinanzeigen. Terminkalender.

   A Ferret's Life Preview Go
Fun facts and miscellaneous information about ferrets including: health, history, care, litter training, erroneous myths, typical day, cages, cleaning, playtime, ferret pictures, and various ferret links to other great sites. Site is narrated and maintained by the adorable pet ferret, Pandora. Also included in this site, is a page devoted to the feline members of th
   Ferretgirl's Mustelidae Mob Page Preview Go
My site has ferret animations, ferret pictures, dragon pictures, and simpsons and monty python links.
   Ferret Central Preview Go
Whether you have a pet ferret or are just interested in these intelligent, affectionate animals, Ferret Central has something for you. This extensive index includes links to dozens of ferret-related resources, organizations, and amusements. Special features are the Ferret FAQ, which will answer all your questions, and the Photo Gallery, which displays over
   Ferrets Preview Go
This is a website with pictures of all my pets, past and present, including ferrets.
   Silver and Dragon Wolf's Ferret Page Preview Go
Our ferret page is for the ferret lovers in all of us. Please visit the links to other ferret websites.
   fuzzy ferret Preview Go
This site belongs to the little 4 legged folks in our house.
   Furry Ferrets Preview Go
This is a ferret site dedicated to my ferret, Chloe. It offers lots of great information that I used while raising my ferret.

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