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Fantasia Ring - Fantasia webring! All sites about the disney classic, Fantasia

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Fantasia Ring

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Fantasia webring! All sites about the disney classic, Fantasia


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   Alternative Realms and Tangents Preview Go
Somewhere between the miry depths of mindless drivel and the dizzing heights of sheer genius, there exists a literary form that can only be described as...ART. Alternative Realms and Tangents is the webzine that boldly goes where no sane editor would, to proudly bring you the finest offerings of speculative fiction and graphic art from masters of true talent.
   Fantasy. Yours and Mine Preview Go
A collection of stories, essays and poems, both fictional and true. If you wish, you may submit your own.
   MegaFusion - Science fiction by Sven Kloepping Preview Go
Sci-fi stories, novels, comics - I plan a lot of things to be published on these pages.

   BBI Chronicles of the Hong Kong Cavaliers Preview Go
A Fan Fiction site dedicated to those Rock 'n' Rolling scientist and adventurers of the Buckaroo Banzai Universe. Partnered to a workshop group for writing BB fan fiction.
   Rion's World Preview Go
Site for publication of original scifi and fantasy, fanfic and other genre fiction.
   Banny And Lissa Preview Go
Banny And Lissa is the continuing story of two losers, one clueless and the other crabby, who receive powers to fight the Forces Of Evil. Aiding Banny and Lissa are: Nicoletta, a blind woman; Mr. Fwuzzums, her talking dog; and Antonio, the World's Greatest Demon Tracker (self-proclaimed). The Forces Of Evil figure they've got this one in the bag.
   Dimensions Preview Go
an interactive exploration of Science Fiction penned by you. Just read the posted section of a story and you write what happens next and submit it.

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