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Faeries - Untitled document Find in this ring sites personal, commercial and academic, pertaining to all fae matters:  faeri

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Manager: genessa
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Find in this ring sites personal, commercial and academic, pertaining to all fae matters:  faeries, fairies, fairyland worlds and fairytales.  Pictured:  a detail from "Fairies Looking Through a Gothic Arch" by John Anster Fitzgerald (1823-1906).


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   Look at the Fairys Preview Go
this site is dedicated to the poetry and prose of Leo Valencia. It features his poetry, writings, meanderings about all things mystical, magical and wonderful to ponder. Fairys, gnomes, cats, and nature in Fantasy.
   Fairy Clipart Preview Go
Free Fairy Clipart including free flash fairies and butterfly gif fairies
   The Flower Garden Preview Go
Many faeries live in my Flower Garden, if you're kind you might chance to meet one....

   NutMeG Designs - Home of the Mystical Gnomes. Preview Go
Hand Carved Gnomes, Tree Spirits and Whimsical houses for the house brownies and more coming like walking sticks and pipes
   Fantasy-Gardens Preview Go
A fantasy site to wake the child within! contains information,poetry,graphics,spells&enchantments,and legends&stories on fairies,mermaids,unicorns,and nymphs. SO come with me and step within and to yourself be a child again!
   Fairy Information Preview Go
Fan site with information about Fairies/Faeries.
   genessa -- webring! Preview Go
If you're seeing this site in one of my rings, consider it an unofficial manager's page); otherwise it's my page about which rings I manage AND about WebRing in general, including WebRing membership and management. If THIS ring isn't on the page, it's due to be merged; check join instructions to see where.
   More Info on Fairies Preview Go
A site with information and images about the world of the Fae.
   Celtic Faerie Teachings at Avalon Grove Preview Go
Visit this site for information about our personal experiences with faeries, including gnomes, elves, sprites, brownies and others; the return of King Arthur; Mother Earth changes; celebrating the Celtic holidays at Avalon Grove near Asheville, NC; and details on the book Gnomes in the Garden.
   I Adore Faeries Preview Go
Fairies & their Kin, the art and history thereof, little tid-bits about fairies plus pics I've picked up over time. Fairies are one of the more universal mythological creatures (right up there with werewolves) of the world!

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