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Dungeon Masters - This ring is for Dungeon Masters of D&D, AD&D, or for Game Masters of any Role Playing game. Sites in this ring

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Dungeon Masters

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Manager: tattooed_ogre
This ring is for Dungeon Masters of D&D, AD&D, or for Game Masters of any Role Playing game. Sites in this ring provide advice and tips to help each other be the best possible DMs / GMs we can be, but above all make sure everyone involved has fun with our games of choice

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   Kismet's Dungeons and Dragons Preview Go
I discuss the basics (races, classes, skills, feats, alignments), my game set in the Forgotten Realms, Dungeon Master issues, women in gaming, the controversy surrounding D&D, the drow and much more besides. I have a poll, links and I update as often as I can.
   Meefman's 2nd AD&D Page Preview Go
Spells, monsters, kts, items, materials, and more! Will accept all submissions and give you the credit for them!
   Reverend Zen Ministries Preview Go
Dungeons and Dragons, fantasy stories

   The world of Jamboloydia Preview Go
An AD&D 2. edition world created for campaign use. Complete with unique worldmap, gods and custom classes and much more.
   Grey's Castle... Preview Go
Simply the best 2E D&D site... Files, Forums, Games... There's name generators... Spells... 2E rules for Highlander, based on the Movie... And MUCH MUCH more... AND It is still growing!!!
   The Dungeon of Master Alpha Wolf and his slave, Tirzah Preview Go
This site contains sexually oriented "adult" products!
   Joe's D & D site Preview Go
a site dedicated to d&d and ad&d
   Niemz Realm Preview Go
An Original AD&D world created over 11 years ago and is still going strong!
   Traykon Role Playing Site Preview Go
Resources and aids for players and DMs alike. Downloadable programs, skill bonuses, feat listings, and much more! Dungeons and Dragons as well as Pathfinder material for all.
   Maldin's Greyhawk Preview Go
All original information on the World of Greyhawk. Highlights include detail on the "Theory of Artifacts", the "Secrets of the Twin Cataclysms" revealed, a new city full of danger and adventure, the origin and meaning of all D&D Existence explained, plus more!

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