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Disability Studies Web Ring - According to the 2010 U.S. Census, over 22% of Americans have a disability (as defined below).  Similar statistics

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Disability Studies Web Ring

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According to the 2010 U.S. Census, over 22% of Americans have a "disability" (as defined below).  Similar statistics obtain in every industrialized nation worldwide.  Current U.S. projections are that the population percentage of Americans "with disabilities severe enough to impair their [our] accomplishment of major life activities" will increase to about TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT by the year 2020.  It is quite likely that you (or someone you know) may have a "disability" by that time, if not already.  This DISABILITY STUDIES WEBRING brings together web sites that contain articles, essays, papers, discussion and/or other information in support of disability rights, the independent living movement, and community living.  The more you KNOW, the more you can DO.  We encourage you to VISIT EVERY SITE in this webring.  Here you will find a collection of truly outstanding and informative resources that will greatly expand your understanding of both "disability issues" and also of a multitude of intensely personal aspects of living with a "disability" such as you are unlikely to find elsewhere.  Learn and grow stronger!!!


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   Institute on Disability Culture Preview Go
Articles, products, links and values of the Disability Culture maintained in a text-based web site accessible to all.
   Onecandream Preview Go
Onecandream is the home of the empowerment campaign. This is not just a site about disabilities, it is a site about people, all people, and building them up not tearing them down. If you support creating rather then destroying, then become a part of the onecandream community, and show your support for true empowerment.
   Big Noise Preview Go
An opinion about equality, freedom and justice, for all disenfranchised people. That includes, people with disabilities, LGBT, people of color, women, and others society tries to push to the sidelines.

   LRM's Place Preview Go
This is the personal website of Laura Remson Mitchell. Includes information related to advocacy, disability rights and health-care reform. Also includes original articles and MIDI music.
   Thinking Nurse Preview Go
A blog by a learning disability nurse, strongly influenced by the Social Model of Disability. The blog is regularly updated, containing news about disability issues, politics, philosophy and learning disability nursing.

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