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Consciousness Ring - Consciousness is one of the most popular topics on the World Wide Web, but it is hard to separate the wheat from the cha

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Consciousness Ring

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Consciousness is one of the most popular topics on the World Wide Web, but it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. This Webring aims to bring together the most informative and original sites on Consciousness. We welcome sites with a religious perspective, but not those affiliated to any religious group, sect or specific system of belief.


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Free ezine and online mentoring based on an extraordinary experience of sudden, spontaneous awakening into an awareness of the nondual nature of Reality.
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Experience is an effect that takes place within a person's consciousness. It is initiated and sustained by a physical event taking place in the outside world. But it is in no sense a property of that event. It bears no resemblance to the event. It is something separate that is created by, and exists solely within, the experiencer's consciousness.
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Does there exist, encoded within the living cell, a blueprint from which is constructed the conscious entity that becomes aware of its own existence? Or does consciousness, though functionally dependent on the physical brain, reside in a domain that is beyond the bounds of human perception?

   Conscious Awareness Preview Go
What is the intangible entity that I think of as "me"? It perceives the world. It experiences and suffers what the world does to it. But what is it that can assert "I think, therefore I am"? Where is it? Of what is it made? How is it coupled to the physical brain? What constructive purpose does it serve?
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It is about the soul, mind, body connection and how they interact. It is about growth and/or change versus stagnation. It is about angels, science, the paranormal and anything else you care to make it. This site is intended to be informative and a reflection of life, both the known and the unknown.

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