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Separation of Church & State Web Ring -   The Separation of Church & State Web Ring is a collection of web sites that support and are dedicated to the

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Separation of Church & State Web Ring

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Manager: childfreeman1962

The Separation of Church & State Web Ring is a collection of web sites that support and are dedicated to the separation of church and state as stated in the Constitution of the United States of America.



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   ChildfreeMan1962's Web Site, A True Childfree Man Preview Go
Contains: My web rings. My Disavowal of Christianity Letter and my Disavowal of Unitarian Universalism (UU) Email; Evolution Weekend and Darwinmas Eve/Darwinmas Day. The childfree definition; The Childfree or Not Childfree Test; The Childfree Women's Weekend, Childfree Men's Weekend and Childfree Pride Weekend. Personal information. My photography (Night photos, Holiday Lights photos, Snowstorm photos, Washington - Whidbey Island photos that include Langley photos and Clinton photos, soon: Washington - more of Whidbey Island, Mt. St. Helens, my garden, etc., Maryland, California, Oregon, Italy - Mt. Etna, Sicily, Pisa, Northwest Italy, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, etc., and sunsets, sunrises, lightning, fireworks, birds, insects, etc.) (1962; Island County, WA)
   Diane Vera's Counter-Evangelism Resource Page Preview Go
To encourage people of minority religions to counter the growth of the religious right wing by challenging hardcore Christian beliefs. (The site owner is a theistic Satanist.) Includes links to lots of arguments against hardcore Christian beliefs, plus other helpful resources.
   The Rant Preview Go
A rant on the absurdity of some laws and impending theocracy. Religion should have no bearing on laws.

   God on Trial Preview Go
A site which correctly and accurately accuses a fictitious god of crimes attributed to Him in the Bible.
   Skeptical Notion Preview Go
A blog about politics, science and religion

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