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Equality - Untitled document You may find in this ring all manner of sites opposing and combatting discrimination against any

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You may find in this ring all manner of sites opposing and combatting discrimination against any ethnic, religious, sexual, cultural or social group (except, of course, those constructed for the purpose of purveying racism).  Pictured on this page:  The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., speaking at an unknown location, in a photograph by Dick DeMarsico, World Telegram staff photographer, who subsequently donated the picture to the Library of Congress, where it is now in the public domain.  On the NavBar:  Quentin Crisp (December 25, 1980 - November 21, 1999) in his One Man Show. Birmingham, England (circa 1982), photographed by Birmingham resident and Wikipedia/Wikimedia editor Graham Colm.


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   Are You Politically Correct? Preview Go
Why being politically correct is humanly incorrect (and why it is incorrect to assume that someone who is sensitive to the needs of others is simply being politically correct).
   Do Tell Preview Go
Remember the line "there are no liberals left, they've all been mugged"? I've got another one - "there are no conservatives either, they've all been downsized" Talking about a site formerly on this ring that was censored - not by Webring or the ring manager, but by somebody else - and a few of the many reasons why I'm not a fan of the Far Right.
   A Classical Traditionalist's Rebuttal to Racialism Preview Go
A response written from what was a Graeco-Roman syncretic viewpoint to some of the racialism entering Roman Reconstructionist Paganism at the time

   Anti-Racist Action - Edmonton Preview Go
Anti-Racist Action Edmonton is on the forfront of fighting fascism, racism, sexism, and various other isms in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!
   Yeyesadio Writes Preview Go
A writer hungering for Alice Walker's womanist legacy reclaims her self through single motherhood, anti-racist activism, and African spirituality.
   Don's Dementia Preview Go
Social issue site concerned with so-called "race" relations, libertarianism, space exploration, personal and spiritual growth, and positive change.
   JW's And Women's Equality Preview Go
The JW religion has written many articles about honoring women, but do they? Do they honor women's equality? Dispite claims, their view on submission is NOT mutual.
   Equality Now! Preview Go
Gay rights are Civil Rights are Human Rights
   Jimbo's Jungle Preview Go
A personal web site of my life, my partner, my friends and my interests.
   TechnoMom's Place Preview Go
TechnoMom's Place is a personal site with articles about homeschooling, needlework; books and music we've enjoyed; RPGs; PCOS; RSIs; survivors of child abuse; size acceptance; and online harassment/cyberstalking.

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