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Borderline Personality Disorder - Do you know someone who's moods often switch from happy to sad, to mad, then back to happy again; all within moments? Ar

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Borderline Personality Disorder

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Do you know someone who's moods often switch from happy to sad, to mad, then back to happy again; all within moments? Are you a person who never seems capable of maintaining a long-term relationship, either platonic or romantic? You are likely dealing with borderline personality disorder. 

To learn more about BPD, or to connect with others who suffer from this affliction, visit the many sites listed below.




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   Sandy's BPD Page Preview Go
A unique site on BPD with references to John Gunderson's Major object theory, the relationship of ACOA to BPD, and my personal BPD story with explanations of how my life fits the published criteria for BPD.
   The Inner Realm Preview Go
Welcome! We are a community focused on those who bravely battle mental illness and its effects upon their lives. Some content may not be suitable for people under the age of 18.
   Empty Souls Preview Go
A friendly non-judgmental site for people with depression, run by people who've suffered depression themselves; plus, MH links.

   Michael Barnikel's Web Site Preview Go
Opinionated information on BPD, by a non-BP.
   VOLTE_face : we are change Preview Go
This is a sleek social media aggregation platform where you can talk; plus, share media, art, news, events, and resources related to mental illness. This website is a bold manifestation of an understated movement to shift public attitudes towards mental illness and empower mental health consumers. The focus of this site is on mood disorders such as bipolar, depression, and, especially, borderline personality disorder.
   My Personal Borderline Personality Disorder Story Preview Go
Borderline personality disorder; what it's all about, living with it, and when it qualifies as a disablity.
   The Psychiatric Ward Preview Go
This site describes what the Baker Act is and what happens in some types of psychiatric facilities. It also describes how many psych patients are over medicated and, also, different mental illnesses are described.
   Hurt - BPD Journals Preview Go
Living with BPD.
   The PD Reader Preview Go
An exploration of personality disorders in popular culture and real life. Will include book reviews, movie reviews, opinion pieces about public policy relating to PD's, fiction, and other information aimed at helping the public understand what PD's are. Was supermodel Gia Carangi really suffering from BPD?
   The Limbic Region Emotion Central Preview Go
A safe haven for those to come together and be able to talk without fear of discrimination, or the be gawked at by the perpetators of stigmatism. On the web site you may store your poems, view art, read collections of quotes, etc. On the groups, share your thoughts & meet with others like yourself.

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