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Blessed Darkness (Vampire) - Blessed Darkness of the Vampires. Looking for Vampires Sites, Gothic Sites or just Darkness in general? Then pay us a vi

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Blessed Darkness (Vampire)

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Manager: darkness
Blessed Darkness of the Vampires. Looking for Vampires Sites, Gothic Sites or just Darkness in general? Then pay us a visit. We are dedicated to the Darker side of the web, Especially Vampires, Goths and Darkness, If your looking for this kind of site, Then we may have what you seek. If you site is related, your always welcome to join it to the Blessed Darkness. Stay Dark, Be Darker & Surrender yourself to the Darkness.

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   Elsewhere Preview Go
Blessed be, and Merry meet. My site offers a variety of topics, from wicca to wines, from native americans, to gypsies.
   Opera In Blue Preview Go
Welcome all Vampires, Donors and the curious! My site includes downloads, links, gallery, poetry, etc. I also accept submissions for dark poetry and short stories.
   Krysanthemum's Interview with the Vampire Page Preview Go
Krysanthemum's Interview with the Vampire Page, full of pictures, sounds, links, the script, etc. etc. Everything you could ever want!

   Vampire seeks vamp. Preview Go
I am an experienced vampire who seeks a vamp for companionship, mind games, erotic encounters, shopping, travel to foreign grave sites, and other pleasures of the flesh. I am driven to live on the edge, travel to gothic churches, mayan burial grounds, keltic ruins, music venues, northern italian restaurants, catlunya, and Paris. I follow the Goddess and seek her made fl
   The Dark Heaven Preview Go
All about Anne Rice and The Vampire Chronicles.
   Errant Thoughts and Mislaid Dreams Preview Go
"Torn from the mind... Made flesh on paper" A web journal, that explores the life of a fictional character as she struggles to keep her hold on her mind in a World of Darkness.
   Requiem du Wolfkiller Preview Go
This is a site dedicated to The Vampire Lestat and touches upon the vampire's stories as well. Many MANY pages to see including a BBS.
   Dark Chamber Preview Go
it has articles on gothic art, paranormality and legends, an image gallery, a horror short stories section, many related links and a newsletter
   Sentinels of Darkness Preview Go
Coming soon to a DVD player near you - Manos Kalaitzakis's spirited tribute to all things vampiric. The site currently features the all-important synopsis, a 24 image thumbnail gallery, and two dynamic trailers... so come all ye faithful Eileen Daly fans!! Plus... find out how to get a free tenner (and subsequent fivers) from Amazon!!
   SphynxCat's Real Vampires Support Page Preview Go
Support site for real vampires and those who think they might be, or know someone who might be. I can't, and won't, promise to have "every" answer, but I can certainly help towards understanding. You are not alone...

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