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Baldur's Gate WebRing - A ring for fan's of the computer role playing game Baldur's Gate and the expansion Tales of the Sword Coast, as well as

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Baldur's Gate WebRing

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A ring for fan's of the computer role playing game Baldur's Gate and the expansion "Tales of the Sword Coast", as well as sites about Baldur's Gate II Shadows of Amn and the expansion "Throne of Bhaal"

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   Realm of Azengaard Preview Go
Baldur's Gate Site by josh_clue containing Azengaard Tactical Encounter Version 2.0 An Unofficial Expansion for Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal AND The Vault Version 4.0 An Unofficial Expansion Pack for Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast and BG1Tutu
   Baldur's Gate 2 Saved Games Preview Go
This site contains a number of BG2 saved games. The primary use for these games is to skip the opening dungeon, but retain all the loot and experience.
   Stony Gate Preview Go
IA script, Baldur's Gate IA script download, Baldur's Gate Intelligenza artificiale download, Char download, Caratteri download, download Personaggi.

   J.C.'s Baldur's Gate Scripting Center Preview Go
many scripts for your Baldur's Gate gaming
   Sir Alexander da Baldur's Gate Preview Go
Nel sito di Sir Alexander da Baldur's Gate potete trovare moltissimo materiale su Baldur's Gate e vari seguiti, sul Fantasy, sul Signore degli Anelli , materiale scaricabile immagini e gif fantasy in quantita', che aspettate!Basta un clic!

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